Simplex Westpile are a leading specialist contractor within the UK piling industry with a history dating back to 1905.

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Piling Techniques

About Us

As a member of the Bachy Soletanche Group, Simplex Westpile can deliver their professional and friendly approach whilst being able to rely on the support of a worldwide leader in Ground Engineering.

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Our Team

With a core of staff being able to trace their history with Simplex Westpile to the 1970’s we have a strong and close team. The friendly but professional manner that exists in our team becomes the benchmark for our relationships with our clients.

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Latest News

Simplex Westpile recognised by prestigious industry body

Simplex Westpile has enhanced its reputation within the industry this month following results from the 2015 Federation of Piling Specialists (FPS) audit, which revealed their score has increased since the previous audit in 2012.

Thorndell Viaduct

  Piling close to the existing Thorndell Viaduct in Pulborough, Simplex Westpile are installing Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) piles to a depth of over 27m. The piles will form the foundation for the new viaduct which is due to be replaced during possession hours.